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film research

Since 2016 I have been providing film research for documentary films including productions for German and Swiss broadcasters such as arte,  MDR, 3sat, SRF. I offer an indepth visual research, archival work, location scouting, protagonist casting, conducting interviews, among others. My work as a researcher often includes working in Poland. As a polish native speaker, I also offer assistance and translation on a film set, fixing all the necessary arrangements on location, as well as translation of a film footage. I speak Polish, English and German. 

Examples of work

Zwischen den Fronten - Lebensretter an Polens Ostgrenze

Postion: Researcher, Co-Author

An arte re reportage showing the humanitarian crises at the Polish- Belarusian border through a prism of work of activists, who bring legal, medical and first aid to refugees threatened by pushbacks. The reportage focuses on work of volunteers from groups such as Medycy na granicy, Fundacja Ocalenie and Polskie Centrum Pomocy Międzynarodowej.

"Zwischen den Fronten" dir. Jonas Eisenschmidt, Constanze Wolpers, Natalia Zuch

Ewas Brief

Postion: Researcher, Assistant Director 

 In poetic images, "Ewas Brief" captures the repercussion of strict abortion law in rural Poland. Between church bells, nature mysticism and political discussions about tightening the law under the conservative government, the film uses atmospheric images to dive into the state of mind of young Ewa, who had to make a lonely decision and did an abortion. She has not yet come to terms with it, and now after years she shares her experiences.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 11.05_edited.jpg

Mamele, Mamele, deck mich zu

Postion: Researcher, Assistant Director 

The director's grandpa tells only his grandson about his escape from Silesia. He wishes for an old key from his hometown, no matter which one. Once there, the grandson encounters rooms that only seem to resist opening.

Mamele, Mamele, deck mich zu" dir. Christof Bruggmann

Goście | Gäste | Guests 

Postion: Researcher, Author, Co-Editor

A road trip documentary that accompanies three Poles on one of their weekly trips between Berlin and Lodz. The film gives an intimate insight into the microcosm of migration beyond numbers, labels or political statements. Instead, it shows the day-to-day struggle of trying to combine love, dreams and work with the longing for a final stop. "Guests" was selected by the Institute of Documentary Film for the East Silver Market 2020.

"Goście" dir. Natalia Zuch
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