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Hi, I'm Natalia Zuch.

The three dimensions of my work with film are: documentary filmmaking, film research, film festival programming. And here’s a little bit more depth, height and width to it: 


I thrive on unlocking unheard and unseen stories. Making magic, some may call it. For me that’s documentary filmmaking. I am deeply interested in renewing conversations around migration, exiles, movement and embodiment practices. I care about topics that cross boarders, literally. In the last years I’ve been working on many Polish-German projects, building cultural bridges both on and off screen, like in my documentaries “Guests” or arte reportage “Zwischen Fronten”. As a migrant myself, I divide my time between Berlin and Łódź.


Working in community is my 5th gear! I have a gift to accompany others in their creative process. It can look like: delivering a compelling film research for “Ewas Brief”; teaching at filmArche - the school, where once I used to be a student; or putting spotlight on my fellow filmmakers in programmes, which I curate for film festivals such as filmPOLSKA. I care deeply about holding spaces for others, spaces that stimulate creativity, spark a discussion and simply bring us together. 


I love planting seeds, putting new ideas in motion, nurturing and playing around with them. Although I lost my heart to documentary film, I am eager to experiment with diverse formats and look out for interdisciplinary synergies. Sometime that means working on an animated documentary like “I’m Not Bitter (I Just Want to Kill You)”, the other time it can be designing an interactive film screening combined with a movement workshop like “You Can’t Pretend This”. 


After hours I dance, dance, dance. I am a certify Transformative Dance Facilitator. 

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Natalia Zuch
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