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documentary filmmaking

I graduated from Film and Media Studies at the University of Lodz and later Documentary Film Directing at filmArche in Berlin. My focus lies on directing; while my experience includes production and editing too.  I thrive on mixing genres and art formats, especially performance and documentary film. In the past two years I also started to work more with traditional animation and varried stop motion technics, juxtaposing them with the factual genre. 

Examples of work

I'm Not Bitter (I Just Want to Kill You)

Postion: Creative Producer
Status: Post-production

Reality meets fantasy: In the animated documentary "I'm Not Bitter (I Just Want to Kill You)", three women who have experienced sexualised violence are ready to take revenge. Designed as a splatter film in a childlike plasticine form, a profound examination of guilt and shame develops and leads the protagonists to their rage. Rage triggered by powerlessness in a system that too often let perpetrators go unpunished.

photo_2023-08-26 12.56.44.jpeg

Goście | Gäste | Guests 

Postion: Director, Producer, Co-Editor
Staus: Finished

A road trip documentary that accompanies three Poles on one of their weekly trips between Berlin and Lodz. The film gives an intimate insight into the microcosm of migration beyond numbers, labels or political statements. Instead, it shows the day-to-day struggle of trying to combine love, dreams and work with the longing for a final stop. "Guests" was selected by the Institute of Documentary Film for the East Silver Market 2020.

"Guests" dir. Natalia Zuch

Coming Closer

Postion: Co-director, Co-producer, Co-editor 
Status: Finished

How do you explain touch? What is smell? How do you express your sensuality? "Coming Closer" approaches these questions through the body and mind of a dancer. It is a film about perception and expression, about the need to feel and the ability to overcome distance. A dance that starts with the first breath, meanders through the small hairs on your arms, crawls through your legs and doesn’t stop with the next step. 

"Coming Closer" dir. Juliette Cellier & Natalia Zuch

Zwischen den Fronten - Lebensretter an Polens Ostgrenze

Postion: Co-Author
Status: Finished

An arte re reportage showing the humanitarian crises at the Polish- Belarusian border through a prism of work of activists, who bring legal, medical and first aid to refugees threatened by pushbacks. The reportage focuses on work of volunteers from groups such as Medycy na granicy, Fundacja Ocalenie and Polskie Centrum Pomocy Międzynarodowej.

"Zwischen den Fronten - Lebensretter an Polens Ostgrenze dir. Jonas Eisenschmidt, Constanze Wolpers, Natalia Zuch
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